Monica helped my son and i fine the perfect home for us. She is very knowledgeable! She’s up w the market and tries her best to get you what you want and need. She’s very realistic and lets you know if something will or won’t work. HOWEVER, she lets you have your own mind and will do what you ask.
The one thing I would say to anyone who wants to work with her is, even if you don’t hear from her she is working behind the scenes and for your best interest.I assure you she’s getting the job done. We are very thankful for Monica! you can’t go wrong by using her to buy or sell. Edit: I have to say this too. Every time to texted her she responded. She answered all my questions and helped me w my first time home buying experience. I’m a high maintenance person and i like to know everything. She works a lot on your behalf behind the scenes. Which is great! It really takes a lot of the stress away.